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Chairman’s Message

Abdul Aziz Al Majid Est. was founded in the same year when United Arab Emirates came into being. Since inception, the Group has progressed in the line with the growth of the UAE.

All of our residential and commercial units have been constructed by our own construction division under my direct supervision to meet the best quality expectation. Further, property leasing and management is also undertaken by our own management team so our customers could avoid agency charges and get prompt resolution of all facility management related matters, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

In addition to growth in our business, we are currently restructuring the organization and implementing a turnaround strategy to ensure that we have the right resources, processes and plans in place to activate and sustain growth. Our immediate goals are to streamline our business, optimize governance and transparency and providing smart services to our customers.

We believe in staff retention and development as they have been our key resource to reach to the stage where we are today. Some of our staff member have been with us since inception.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Mohamed Al Majid

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